BETES Project Physical Partners Meeting

BETES Project Physical Partners Meeting 📣 The 1st BETES Transnational project meeting took place in Nicosia, Cyprus, thanks to our host  The partners had the opportunity to review the educational material and the next steps for the upcoming training activities.📚❗️ Stay tuned as we prepare to release the modules’ topics!❗️ Skills Zone Malta, Digital idea #softskills #hardskills #EmergingTechnologies #vocationaltraining […]

BETES Project Survey and Desk Research Results

BETES Project Survey and Desk Research Results We are thrilled to share the incredible findings of our latest survey and desk research on Soft Skills, Hard Skills, and Emerging Technologies! 💡 The survey, conducted in collaboration with experts, industry leaders, and academics, and explored the importance of skills and technologies that are shaping the future. Our research aimed to uncover […]

BETES Project Partners Meeting

BETES Project Partners Meeting ğŸŽ¯Important milestone for the BETES project. ğŸŽ¯ The partners (, Skills Zone Malta, Digital idea) met through a Cyber- physical meeting to discuss the educational material that is under development and decide upon the next steps of the project. 📚🤝 Stay tuned!

BETES Project Survey

BETES Project Survey The BETES consortium (, Skills Zone Malta, Digital idea) in order to create educational material on soft skills, hard skills, and emerging technologies, has prepared the following survey, in order to analyze the status quo on the aforementioned. We would appreciate it if you would take some time (3-5minutes) to respond to our short survey.This survey is completely […]

BETES Leaflet

BETES Leaflet Our new project BETES and where you can find out more information:  Project consortium Cyprus – Greece – Digital idea Malta – Skills Zone Malta

BETES Kick-Off Meeting

BETES Kick-Off Meeting “BETES: Bootcamps for Emerging Technologies and Essential Skills ” funded by Erasmus+. The consortium of the project consists of 3 partners one is from Cyprus, the second is Skills Zone Malta from Malta and the third one is Digital idea from Greece.  A typical trainee is a teacher or other professionals associated with STEAM education (TRAIN […]